towing service in Middle RiverOur tow truck fleet has been working long and hard to provide towing services to our great community for years. Whether hauling a big truck or a sedan, our fleet of tow trucks is here for you. See below for a little more about our towing services and how Middle River Tow Tuck can help meet your towing needs.

Heavy duty towing service

As one of the few heavy duty towing options in our community, we are proud to provide this important service to our clients. Our heavy duty towing service comes down to a cost-efficient and customer-first approach. Unlike other companies, we want to work with you to find that perfect solution for your towing needs and will work with you to provide that towing service that you need right now. So, if you are looking for ad hoc heavy duty towing services, look no further than the great team at Middle River Tow Truck.

Medium duty towing service

tow truck Middle River MarylandWhether you are looking for ad-hock services or something to support your growing fleet, the Middle River Tow Truck team is here for you. We have been working with local companies like yours for years and provide a level of support that can ensure you do not have to deal with much downtime. So, whether you are a fleet vehicle or are working in and around Middle River, give the team at Middle River Tow truck a call and experience a better medium duty towing experience.

Light duty towing service

For years our team has provided a light duty towing service that delivers. We know that many towing companies out there make you wait for hours on end, and they might not even pick up the phone. That is not how we operate at Middle River Tow Truck. Instead, we provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective light duty towing experience that will ensure you are back up and on the road in no time.

Accident Recovery

towing company Middle RiverIf you have been in an accident, the only team you need to call for your towing and recovery needs is the Middle River Tow Truck. Our team has been the first call for years, and whether you are dealing with a fender bender or a multi-car pile up, the fleet of tow trucks at Middle River Tow Truck has you covered. Plus, our drivers have been working with first responders and insurance for years and know exactly what kind of paperwork that needs to be done. So, stop worrying about your car, and let the experts at Middle River Tow Truck handle that while you can focus on starting to feel better!

So, whether you are looking for regular towing services or specialized towing services, the Middle River Tow Truck team has you covered. With our years of experience and thousands of hours behind the wheel of our controls, you will be hard-pressed to find a better towing option in our community. So, give us a call, and experience the best towing experience in Middle River, MD, at Middle River Tow Truck.

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