towing company Middle River MarylandWhether you want to move a car, cargo or equipment, the Middle River Tow Truck team is here for you. Although we mainly provide towing services, our fleet of tow trucks can handle a host of other things as they are a great way to transport small pieces of cargo. The best thing is, as our flatbeds are standard height, they can be unloaded via a forklift, or we can use the ramp function for easy and safe unloading. So, the world is your oyster for our local hauling services. Below you will find a couple of past activities under this service.

Vehicle towing

Whether you are looking to relocate a vehicle across the city or move your car from the garage to the storage center, the team at Middle River Tow Truck can help. We have completed the local hauling of vehicles for years and can provide you with a cost-efficient and reliable local hauling service. With our flatbed tow trucks, your car can roll on and roll off, and we can take anything from an expensive supercar to a local custom. No matter the size or location, our team can help.


Middle River Tow TruckFor years, our team has helped out with cargo local hauling services. Whether you are looking to deliver exercise equipment, appliances or anything else, our flatbed tow trucks provide a great option for those looking to make deliveries. Our tow trucks make loading and drop-offs easy; our trucks are the perfect size for loading docks which ensures that loading is even more effortless. Our expert drivers can secure anything and ensure that your cargo gets from point a to point without an issue. Plus, as our flatbed tow trucks handle larger loads, we can easily take heavy loads. So, stop relying on truck rentals that leave you wishing you had better service, and call the Middle River Tow Truck team for all of your cargo needs.


Whether you are working in construction, landscaping, or the trades, the Middle River Tow Truck team is here for you when you need to move larger pieces of kit. For years, our team has provided local hauling for equipment and will ensure that your job site is covered. Whether you are hauling a backhoe, cat or anything else, our flatbed tow trucks can help. So, if you need dependable local hauling of your equipment, it is about time that you chatted to Middle River Tow Truck to see how our flatbed tow trucks can help.

As you can see, the Middle River Tow Truck team makes local hauling a breeze. So, whether you are looking to move a vehicle, cargo, equipment or anything else, it might be time to call Middle River Tow Truck. Our trucks are agile and can provide pick-ups and drop-offs in residential, commercial and industrial areas. The Middle River Tow Truck team has it covered wherever you need things hauled! Call us today, and let’s see how the fleet at Middle River Tow Truck can help with your local hauling needs.

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